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Why is sustaining positive leadership in the AIDS response crucial?

The communities of people living with HIV have played a critical role in the HIV response over the last 30 years: from the development of the Denver Principles, articulating the immediate needs and priorities for people living with HIV, in the 1980s; to the treatment activism that made living a long life with HIV a reality for millions in the 1990s; to the Universal Access and human rights discourses of the last 10 years where people living with HIV have been at the centre of the response. The influence and impact of the positive community depends to a large degree on the strength and depth of the leadership within the community.

Supporting young emerging leaders is a shared responsibility of both the positive community and key stakeholders. An integrated approach with a clear set of principles is needed to ensure that young leaders are being supported both at the international and the national levels.

How does the Leadership Code contribute to sustaining positive leadership?

The Leadership Code has been proposed by young people living with HIV (YPLHIV) as a tool to set the principles for building leadership capacity and hold all relevant stakeholders accountable for supporting a new generation of positive leaders. The code includes a range of guiding and organizational and programming principles, which can significantly contribute to establishing the future positive leaders. The Code will function as a guidance document for organizations and networks, providing inspiration on how to integrate young positive leadership into the organization’s work.

How can my organization contribute to sustaining positive leadership by signing the leadership code?

Every organization has different organizational priorities and strengths and thus different ways of contributing to sustaining positive leadership. Every signatory will, based on their organizational focus and capacity, identify a number of measurable and realistic commitments which will contribute to establishing a new cohort of positive leaders. 

How will my organisation be kept accountable as a code signatory?

Code signatories will be held accountable by young people with HIV through an assessment of the progress made according to their organizational commitments.

How will the leadership code be evaluated?

The code will be evaluated regularly based on the feedback of code signatories, conference outcomes and expressed needs of young positive leaders. Based on the evaluation the GNP+ Y+ Leadership Initiative will adapt the code as necessary and provide guidance for signatories to further implement their commitments.

How will my organization be promoted in the leadership programme?

Code signatories will appear with their logo and their organizational commitments on the Y+ Leadership Platform website. The impact and success of signatories’  commitments will be promoted by sharing stories and best practices both from organizations and young positive leaders themselves on the Y+ Leadership Platform website and via signatories’ channels of communications.

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